Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster

Transylvania Creative Cluster Industries

The cluster aims to ensure the representativeness of creative industries at local, regional, national and international level by promoting the interests and development opportunities. In this cluster enables representatives from the following areas: advertising, architecture, arts and antiques, crafts, design, fashion, film, video and photography, software, games, music and performing arts.


To meet the needs of the creative market of having available and improved competent human resources by strengthening and promoting the image of the cluster.



The main objective of the cluster is to gather and promote under the same umbrella the Creatives Industries Sectors from Transilvania Region  and to encourage and support the collaborative projects between companies, academia, Public Administration and catalizers in order to generate innovation.


Optimizing communication flow within and outside the cluster, offering training services in creative industries, training of professors in universities to update and strengthen their knowledge in advanced technologies according to new trends in the field.

Cluster presentation

General info

The cluster for developing human resources in the field of advanced technologies – iTech Transilvania was established in the North-West region of Romania, having among its members organizations from Cluj (from Cluj-Napoca) and Bihor (from Oradea) counties.


iTech Transilvania cluster consistes of 18 member organizations out of which 12 member represent the SMEs in the hight tech knowledge-intensive field, 2 members are well known Universities from Cluj, 2 members represent local public administrations and other 2 members are catalysts (non profit organizations).


The cluster is open and addresses all IT&C companies from Transilvania while cluster membership is not conditioned by the membership within ARIES Transilvania. Among the first cluster members, at an early stage, are member companies from ARIES Transilvania, due to the positive response to the clustering approached initiated by ARIES Transilvania.

The cluster aim is developing human resources in the field of advanced technologies in the North-West region and Cluj and Oradea metropolitan areas. The cluster map in developing human resources in the field of advanced technologies – iTech Transilvania follows the four-leaf model clover pattern as follows:

12 SMEs from the advanced technologies field
2 Universities in the advanced technologies field
2 Local Public Administrations: Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Intercommunity Metropolitan Area Development Association
2 Catalysts – Non-Profit Associations: ARIES Transilvania, Transilvania Business Center Association

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