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Incubators address the most challenging aspects of building a successful new technology company: access to early capital and expert mentoring to turn ideas into tangible business models.

Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Hewlett-Packard and Google , were born in garages and basements–romantic, perhaps, but inefficient. A better option for intrepid entrepreneurs: technology incubators.

In the last few decades thousand of these facilities have sprung up world wide, many attached to universities. Incubators now host countless companies and provide a panoply of services, from expensive lab equipment to accounting and secretarial support.

Level One Incubators

Hand picked operator driven start-ups, up to 2 years in the market

Level Two Incubators

Oppened for all innovative start-ups, businesses, ICT companies in the region

Incubation Services

Free or heavily discounted services at your fingertips. Make your choice

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