TETAPOLIS Media Corner

Mr. Luis Sanz, IASP General Director, congratulatory word on TETAPOLIS STP Launch.

IASP in a few words
“Our mission is to be the global network for science parks and areas of innovation, and to drive growth, internationalization and effectiveness for our members.”

“TETAPOLIS Science Park has the right location, the right partners, the right stakeholders and the right strategy. So I think that this project is bound to be a success and I want to assure you that you can continue to count on the support of IASP.”

TETAPOLIS STP, Launch day video. Enjoy 2 minutes of highlights from the event!

Discursul domnului Viorel Găvrea, director TETAROM SA

“Importanţa cercetării fenomenului infrastructurilor pentru afaceri poate fi cel mai bine motivată prin părerea reputatului cercetător, profesor doctor acad. Ionel Haiduc, preşedintele Academiei Române şi profesor al Universităţii Babeş-Bolyai.
Într-un interviu acordat pentru ziarul Adevărul din Bucureşti (Adevărul, 11 mai 2007), profesorul Haiduc declara că noi, românii, trebuie să investim serios în infrastructură, educaţie, cercetare, dezvoltare şi inovare tehnologică.”

Mihai Coca, Developer Manager of TETAPOLIS STP

By driving the development of innovative and technologically advanced products and services, we can reshape the lives of everyday citizens, and make a difference for the future. Everything we do is focused on this one mission.

On this journey towards our goal, we will foster the next generation of scientific talent, turn Cluj-Napoca into a center for technological innovation and enhance the city’s diversified economy.

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