Research and development facilities

This is a part of phase TWO of the TETAPOLIS STP development stage

Each innovative idea, product or business begins with R&D,

And more often than not, a good idea becomes a great idea when fostered in the perfect space and environment.

Whether you’re an SME who’s just starting out or a well-established MNC looking to set up regional R&D headquarters / regional offices in Cluj-Napoca, TETAPOLIS STP will be your perfect partner on your road to success.

In addition to the fully-furnished ‘plug-and-play’ or tailorable R&D offices, laboratories, and meeting facilities, TETAPOLIS will offer a full range of value added services that help take your organisation to the next level.


Although Phase TWO of TETAPOLIS STP is still in its inception stage, we have taken serious steps towards developing a fully functional R&D infrastructure. Together with UTCN (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) we developed a fully functional cloud computing platform available free of charge for all companies within TETAPOLIS STP. And this is just the beginning.

TETAPOLIS Stage TWO developers

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